Vr. 02 |  Through Dreams and the Mirror: Chinese Experimental Animated Film Night
Wo. 07 |  Noise under the Umbrella + MEA & Megan Brailey
08-11 |  Porn Film Festival Amsterdam
Vr. 16 |  2.Dh5 Festival: International Solidarity Screening + Directors’ Talk
Za. 17 |  2.Dh5 Festival in collaboration with Reclaim the Seeds
Do. 22 |  Les Carnages Possibles and friends
Vr. 23 |  enWIREment – the current experience!
Za. 24 |  SaSSy flOOf KAVIA - Sound as a material, sculptured around visuals
Zo. 25 |  Neo Kino A. D. presents: Trigger Reaction
Wo. 28 |  WHEEK-WHEEK – An elektro-noise audiovisual open jam party
Do. 29 |  Dada artfilms with live music by Julia Bekker & Hugo Heinen

Vrijdag 02 februari, 20:30


Through Dreams and the Mirror

Chinese Experimental Animated Film Night



NL Through Dreams and the Mirror: Chinese Experimental Animation Film Night is een collectie animaties samengesteld door Berlin NewGen Chinese Film Festival, geïnitieerd door een groep jonge Chinese filmmakers en filmliefhebbers die in Europa wonen. Het programma laat zien hoe een jonge generatie animatiekunstenaars in China een verscheidenheid aan experimentele animatietechnieken gebruikt om gevoelens van plezier of trauma te visualiseren die voortkomen uit persoonlijke of culturele herinneringen. Acht korte films verkennen de grenzen van animatie door gewaagde, rauwe en gefragmenteerde beeldtalen weer te geven als een droom, alsof we de werkelijkheid ervaren vanaf de andere kant van de spiegel: een die vervormd, chaotisch en griezelig is. MEER→

EN Through Dreams and the Mirror: Chinese Experimental Animation Film Night is a collection of animations curated by Berlin NewGen Chinese Film Festival, initiated by a group of young Chinese filmmakers and film enthusiasts living in Europe. The programme showcases how a young generation of animation artists in China employ a variety of experimental animation techniques to visualize sentiments of pleasure or trauma that are drawn from personal or cultural memories. Eight short films explore the limits of animation by displaying bold, raw, and fragmented visual languages like a dream, as if we are experiencing reality from the other side of the mirror – one that is distorted, chaotic, uncanny. MORE→

Woensdag 07 februari, 20:30


Noise under the Umbrella + MEA & Megan Brailey




A rainy autumn day in 2022 Agota Tamelyte and Xico Ribas left the house with 3 umbrellas in their hands (just in case). Wondering through the noisy streets of Amsterdam, they obsessed themselves with a distressful search for something, but nothing in particular. Hours passed by... A Few pigeons squeaked, one tire popped, an old man coughed. Water babbled in the canals, church bells chimed at 12.59, cars honked and clocks ticked. Hours passed by... A high-heeled lady click-clacked along the street. In the cafe a couple argued whose turn is to take the dog out for a walk. Xico suggested to flip a coin. Hours passed by... And the wind grabbed one of the umbrellas and blew it to Filmhuis Cavia.

Noise under the Umbrella is an audiovisual and interactive experience in which Agota Tamelyte and Xico Ribas invite the audience to metamorphose into a rainy story in Amsterdam. With the help of live-cams, clocks, synthesizers, telephones, harmonicas, metal chunks, umbrellas and other 'noisy' objects (the help of audience will be a must as well) they'll 'perform' a 40 min improvisation on the spot, aspiring to raise the awareness and perhaps even appreciation towards all kinds of noise surrounding on daily human life.

MEA is a Filippo Gillono experimental project where the use of the body of the acoustic guitar as a resonating space is the main focus, through a conscious use of the feedback and field recordings the sound reaches a break oniric drone texture. Megan Brailey is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary performance artist: their work spans butoh theatre-dance and contemporary dance; immersive theatre and acting; and performance and installation art. Within butoh practice, they are particularly interested in the use of props or materials and durational practices to alter bodily perception; the exploration of sexuality and non-confirmative bodily movements and symbologies; and creating visual compositions with bodies in space.

Entrance: 5 euros
Cineville not valid

08-11 februari


Porn Film Festival Amsterdam

Filmhuis Cavia | De Uitkijk | Vrankrijk | Prostitutie Informatie Centrum


NL Porn Film Festival Amsterdam duikt diep in de wereld van genot en onderzoekt de plezierige en politieke kanten van seks. Het festival gaat verder dan conventionele perspectieven en schudt de boel op door werk van ondergrondse DIY-makers te laten zien naast dat van gevestigde figuren uit de porno-industrie. Het is een platform waar het onconventionele, het gemarginaliseerde en het mysterieuze schitteren. Het festival wil mogelijkheden creëren voor boeiende ontmoetingen en ruimte bieden aan zowel intimiteit als rebellie. Doe met ons mee en vier onze unieke en soms onconventionele uitingen van seksualiteit. MEER→

EN Porn Film Festival Amsterdam dives deep into the realms of pleasure, exploring the joyful and political facets of sex. Going beyond conventional perspectives, the festival shakes things up by featuring underground DIY creators alongside established figures from the porn industry. It's a platform where the unconventional, the marginalised, and the mysterious shine. The festival aims to carve out spaces for engaging encounters, giving room for both intimacy and rebellion. Join us in reclaiming and celebrating our unique and sometimes unconventional expressions of sexuality. MORE→

Vrijdag 16 februari, 20:00


2.Dh5 Festival: International Solidarity Screening
+ Directors’ Talk



2.Dh5 returns to Cavia for their upcoming festival which will be held from 23 - 25 February. It's an annual festival for the exchange of radical ideas, strategies and practices by grassroots groups, collective projects and direct action campaigns in the Netherlands and beyond.

This year the urgency of international solidarity is more clear than ever. In this film night, we are encouraged to join quietly the rebellious performance of Tanin Torabi (طنین ترابی), award-winning and independent Iranian dance artist, and to listen the voice of Yadykar Ibraimov, an Almaty-born Uyghur artist.

In Plain Sight

Tanin Torabi | 2021 | Iran | 10’ | no subtitles


In Plain Sight is a film made by Tanin Torabi at a public space in Tehran. Torabi’s main motifs are inspired by sitting, tying up shoelaces and fixing the mandatory hijab on one’s head. […] The performers question what distinguishes dance from everyday movement in the female body, and how or when “normal” quotidian movements turn into transgressive acts of dance. Their conclusion was insightful: “Of course the cultural codes also depend on where and how you were raised. But we realized growing up in Iran, we somehow know, bodily, where the red lines are!” Tanin not only plays with everyday movements as her motifs, but in addition, the costumes she chooses are ordinary urban outfits. In doing so, she prevents the dancing body from being easily spotted. By not standing out, the female dancer has more space to blend in when needed. In addition, she makes a statement by not distinguishing herself from ordinary people. She remains one of many, and as in her performance Derive, transgression stays transient, camouflaged and hopefully safe from censorship.

— quoted from "Dancing into Alternative Realities: Gender, Dance, and Public Space in Contemporary Iran” by Saba Zavarei in Field Journal


A Letter Home

Yadykar Ibraimov | Kazakhstan, East Turkistan | 2021 | 10’ | no subtitles


Ramil and Yadykar travel to the border of West and East Turkestan to link them through audio messages. In the steppe, travelers or nomads were often the only connection between people in the countryside and the wider world. In these times of wireless Internet, it seemed that there was no longer any need or place for such messengers – but that has been proven wrong. The film shows a journey to broadcast voices from people all over the world to the Uyghur homeland, in an act to show that borders have always been and will always be contingent.

*During the evening, vegan soup will be served, also there will be a Q&A discussion with directors after the film screening.

Zaterdag 17 februari, 17:00


2.Dh5 Festival in collaboration with Reclaim the Seeds



2.Dh5 returns to Cavia for their upcoming festival which will be held from 23 - 25 February. It's an annual festival for the exchange of radical ideas, strategies and practices by grassroots groups, collective projects and direct action campaigns in the Netherlands and beyond.

For the second film night, 2.Dh5 collaborates with Reclaim the Seeds to screen a film of Jumana Manna, a visual artist and filmmaker, to recognise intersections and struggles in relation to colonial inheritances and histories of place.

Wild Relatives

Jumana Manna | Lebanon, Norway | 2018 | 64’ | EN subs


Deep in the earth beneath the Arctic permafrost, seeds from all over the world are stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to provide a backup should a disaster strike. Wild Relatives starts from an event that has sparked media interest worldwide: in 2012 an international agricultural research center was forced to relocate from Aleppo to Lebanon due to the Syrian Revolution turned war, and began a laborious process of planting their seed collection from the Svalbard back-ups. Following the path of this transaction of seeds between the Arctic and Lebanon, a series of encounters unfold a matrix of human and non-human lives between these two distant spots of the earth. It captures the articulation between this large-scale international initiative and its local implementation in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, carried out primarily by young migrant women. The meditative pace patiently teases out tensions between state and individual, industrial and organic approaches to seed saving, climate change and biodiversity, witnessed through the journey of these seeds.

Donderdag 22 februari, 20:30


Les Carnages Possibles and friends



Les Carnages Possibles is teaming up with Lucas Alvarado and Nishma to offer you a sweet and decadent nighty of fulfilling noise, spoken word and visuals.

NishMa, an Amsterdam-based musician and visual artist, is recognized for his work in photography, artwork, and electronic music, particularly ambient and soundscapes since the early 2000s. Notable collaborations include artists such as gaop, OzVult, and Oren Ben Yosef. His performances focuses on dark noise music, exploring the fine-line between drama and chaos.

Les Carnages Possibles aka Carla Genchi singer and composer from Italy specialized in free improvisation. She had the chance to work with Butch Morris (Sant'Anna Arrest 2008), Lauren Newton (Berlin, 2006), Steve Beresford (Utrecht, 2013), Joelle Leandre and many other composers and improvisers of the early 2000 impro scene. She is also performer for contemporary music working mostly in Germany (Blurred Edges Festivals) and the Netherlands.

Lucas Alvarado is a Chilean-born composer, viola da gamba player and experimental DJ based in France, currently touring Europe. Drawing on diverse stylistic influences including early music, contemporary music, drone and experimental, his current work explores the boundaries between acoustic and digital through multiple layers of sound, employing a creative blend of emotional depth and energy to explore concepts of transcendence, contemplation and disruption.

Entrance: 5 euros
Cineville not valid

Vrijdag 23 februari, 20:00


enWIREment – the current experience!



A night of audiovisual immersion into the depths of noise music and abstract video art. Modular synthesizers, homemade semi-mechanical instruments, sophisticated electronics and spaghetti of cables! MORE→

Entrance: 5 euros
Cineville not valid

Zaterdag 24 februari, 20:00



Sound as a material, sculptured around visuals


Ooit leerde ze zichzelf gitaar spelen maar toen ze een paar jaar geleden een trompetje in een bandje hoorde spelen op f.a.s.t. viel het hele bandje weg en schitterde en straalde dat trompetje haar toe. Niet lang daarna speelde ze op haar eigen trompetje mee in het psychedelische bandje OR – met Spacebeest, Denz en Tim met z’n lasers van Vet Opgelicht, een echte speeltuin – apocalyptische soundscapes improviserend en lerend. En daar was een synthesizer 'ooo' en een sampler 'aaa' en zingen werd ook steeds leuker en zo viel alles op z'n plek. De geluiden die de KAVIA al jaren verzamelde met microfoontjes in het oor konden eindelijk worden ingezet om er muziek mee te maken. Samen met cavia's, gebulder van treinen, zingende Peruaanse vrouwtjes en ritmisch gedruppel tussen de trompet en haar synth. Vertragend, versnellend, alles improviserend, soms harmonisch zingen opzwepend en als een trance met een vette beat of juist niet. Een muzikale reis het is.

Entrance: 5 euros
Cineville not valid

Zondag 25 februari, 19:00


Neo Kino A. D. presents: Trigger Reaction

Action movie screening


Double feature!
Double the action!
Double the firepower!

Entrance: 5 euros
Cineville not valid

Woensdag 28 februari, 20:00



An elektro-noise audiovisual open jam party


NL Een open avond voor elektro-noise en visuals. Geluidssysteem met mixer en HDMI-aansluiting beschikbaar. BJES en BJEB: Breng je eigen spul en beeld mee!

EN An elektro-noise audiovisual open jam party – you're welcome to join!
BYOG + BYOV: bring your own gear & visuals! Soundsystem with mixer and HDMI available to plug in.

With: Lucas Alvarado, Trustyourt, Soundmotherfucker, and more.
Gratis entree // Free entrance

Donderdag 29 februari, 20:30


Dada artfilms with live music by Julia Bekker & Hugo Heinen

Hans Richter, Rene Clair, Fernand Léger & Dudley Murphy, Viking Eggeling | 1920s | Various | 70’ | EN subs


NL Muzikale begeleiding in de bioscopen. Rond 1910-1930 was dit een normale gang van zaken in Nederland. Maar met de komst van de geluidsfilm, de zogenaamde 'talkies', is dit vrij ongebruikelijk geworden. Op een bepaalde manier is dat jammer, want het geeft de kijker een heel andere bioscoopervaring dan we tegenwoordig gewend zijn; de muzikant maakt echt iets van de film.

Daarom brengen we deze oude bioscooptraditie terug naar WORM Rotterdam, Filmhuis Cavia en VERA Zienema! Julia Bekker (Santa Fé, Vanity Box) en Hugo Heinen (Atoomclub, Vanity Box) brengen hun eigen composities en begeleiden een zorgvuldig samengesteld programma van dadaïstische films uit de jaren 1920. Filmcurator Hilde van der Wal leidt de avond in en legt uit wat de vernieuwende Dada-beweging zo interessant maakt.

EN Musical accompaniment at the cinemas. Around 1910-1930 this was a normal course of events in the Netherlands. But with the advent of sound film, the so-called ’talkies’, this has become rather unusual. In a way this is a pity, because it provides the viewer a completely different cinema experience than what we are used to nowadays; the musician really turns the film into something of their own.

That is why we are bringing this old cinema tradition back to WORM Rotterdam, Filmhuis Cavia and VERA Zienema! Julia Bekker (Santa Fé, Vanity Box) and Hugo Heinen (Atoomclub, Vanity Box) will bring their own compositions and accompany a carefully curated program of Dada films from the 1920s. Film curator Hilde van der Wal will introduce the evening and explain what makes the innovative Dada movement so interesting.



NL Toegang 5 euro, tenzij anders vermeld.
We accepteren ook de Cinevillepas.
Reserveren is niet mogelijk. Kaartjes kunnen vanaf een half uur voor aanvang aan de bar gekocht worden.
EN Entrance 5 euros, unless stated otherwise. We also accept the Cineville card.
It's not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar, half an hour before the film starts.