15 - 18 augustus

outdoor cinema

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"The moon", "the sun", "the land" and "the man" have often been central to the creation and maintenance of imperial narratives, but the light of the moon has never been singular. It cannot be owned, only shared.

This summer, Cavia will be illuminated by the light of many moons and sets of gleaming eyes. We will commune in the garden to share films, words, songs and food as a means of holding, listening, grieving, speculating and resisting.

August 15 - 18
Doors and bar open at 20:00
Films start at 21:15

Entry by donation / free with Cineville

→ Van Hallstraat 52, Amsterdam (+ follow the signs!)

We are very grateful to our friends and neighbours at the Kempenaerstudio for generously sharing their space with us.

In case of bad weather the screening will take place in a studio next to the garden.

The garden itself is accessible for wheelchairs but getting to the toilets will require some special arrangements. Please reach out to info@filmhuiscavia.nl in advance to let us know what you need.

Donderdag 15 augustus, 21:15


Mata Ne

Christina Sayaka Kerber | 2019 | Switzerland | 15’ | German & Japanese, EN subs


Mata Ne shows the search for clues of Christina, who travels with her mother to her second home in the distant Okinawa in order to visit her almost hundred-year-old grandmother. It comes to a reunion that feels more like a farewell. Three women in alternating emotional states – all of them somewhere between home and alienation.


Okinawa Philadelphia

Hiroshi Sunairi | 2023 | USA, Japan | 56’ | English & Japanese, EN & JP subs


In the late 1980s, 33-year-old Okinawan photographer Mao Ishikawa crossed the ocean to Philadelphia in order to photograph the life of her friend Myron Carr, a former US marine, whom she met during his service in Okinawa in the 1970s. The subsequent photo book, Life in Philly, is filled with raw and vivid images, capturing the atmosphere and the culture of the predominantly African American neighborhood of downtown Philadelphia. This film looks back on those days, bringing Myron to remembrance as Mao and his surviving family try to find the missing pieces.

Vrijdag 16 augustus, 21:15



Pablo García Pérez de Lara and Marc Serena | 2015 | Cape Verde, Spain | 94’ | EN subs


Within a small, tropical Cape Verdean island, the beloved Tchinda is hard at work, preparing for a Carnival that she hopes will capture the town’s imagination. Since coming out as transgender in 1998, Tchinda has become a beacon for the local queer community. Despite her great reputation, she remains humble, joyfully touring the neighborhood each afternoon to sell her delicious "coxinhas" — a classic Brazilian treat. Directed by Pablo García Pérez de Lara and Marc Serena, this lush and perceptive documentary transports you into the heart of Cape Verde. Every February, the island shifts from a tranquil paradise to a vibrant hub of activity as it prepares for Carnival. This enchanting period, described as "Little Brazil" by the legendary singer Cesária Évora, showcases the incredible creativity and teamwork of the locals. Tchindas reveals a hidden, magical side of Africa, where inclusion and community spirit come together to create an unforgettable celebration.

Zaterdag 17 augustus, 21:15


Khopcha x Cavia: For the Love of a Man

Rinku Kalsy | 2015  | India, NL | 85' | Tamil, EN subs


For the Love of a Man follows fans of 'superstar' Rajnikanth, whose fandom often becomes integral to their identities and those of people around them. The visual ethic of fandom and star mimicry reveal a form of star worship that is unique to south Indian cinema culture. The lives of fans and their families open us to themes of brotherhood, aspiration, political affiliation, or even just means of being noticed. From bankruptcies to reformations from lives of crime, the lives of the fans offer stories that range from the heroic to the horrific, all in a day's work of turning a film star into a deity.

Director Rinku Kalsy will be present for a Q&A.

Film club and community kitchen Khopcha will be co-hosting the event and preparing South Indian food and masala chai to share with us from 20:00.


Cavioké Party

Once in a blue moon, we turn our zaal into a karaoke bar.

Zondag 18 augustus, 21:15


Voice of the Glacier

Yadykar Ibraimov | 2022 | Kazakhstan | 80’ | EN subs


Yadykar Ibraimov is an Uyghur filmmaker born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Past 12 years he has made films about Uyghur culture intertwined in plight of genocide and has shown them in various international festivals. With feature documentary Voice of the Glacier, he won a pitching for full support by the State Center for the Support of National Cinema of Kazakhstan. He and his crew document the melting Tujuksu glacier in Kazakhstan, which is an important water supply of the whole of Central Asia, with a sense of planetary crisis. In fact, the glacier will no longer exist by about 2050 like many other beings. It could be that Yadykar makes a film of the sublime and eerie looking glacier to show the genocidal cost of geopolitical borders with a haunting gaze of cinematography at our darkest time now.



Entry by donation / free with Cineville

Van Hallstraat 52
(+ follow the signs!)

In case of bad weather the screening will take place in a studio next to the garden.