03-11 |  CAVIA's 40th ANNIVERSARY
 Do. 23 |  Palms (Ладони) + performance by fake_trailers
Vr. 24 |  Kissable Screens: Ardente.x.s
Za. 25 |  The Wanted 18 + Q&A with local activists
 Zo. 26 |  Neo Kino A.D. presents: Body Blows
Wo. 29 |  Gaza – Intimate screening and reflection

Vrijdag 3 t/m zaterdag 11 november


Cavia's 40th Anniversary

At Filmhuis Cavia, Tweede Nassau Ateliers, Zaal 100 and around the neighourhood


NL Tijdens de eerste twee weken van november is Cavia bijna iedere dag in de weer! Vertoningen, Q&A's, kunstevenementen, feest... We vieren de 40ste verjaardag van ons filmhuis, een belangrijke mijlpaal in de geschiedenis van Cavia. Voor de allereerste keer hebben we een chronologische lijst kunnen samenstellen van alle films die ooit in Cavia zijn vertoond. Deze lijst, die teruggaat tot een vertoning van Tarkovski's Stalker op 11 november 1983, was een bron van grote inspiratie en diende als uitgangspunt voor dit bijzondere festival, waarbij we beelden uit ons verleden projecteren op onze toekomst.

Met deze selectie willen we de authenticiteit van Cavia vieren: de diversiteit, de dynamiek van het programma, en natuurlijk filmmakers uit binnen- en buitenland die ons door de jaren heen hebben geïnspireerd en Cavia’s doek hebben gevoed met hun filmische dromen, verhalen, worstelingen, en verbazingwekkende wereldvisies.

Naast filmvertoningen in ons geliefde filmhuisje zijn er ook tentoonstellingen in de Tweede Nassau Ateliers en door de hele Staatsliedenbuurt, en een verjaardagsfeest extravaganza in Zaal 100! MEER→

EN For the first two weeks of November, Cavia will be busy every day! Screenings, Q&As, art events, party.. We are celebrating the 40 years of our cinema collective, an important milestone in Cavia's history. For the very first time, we were able to assemble a chronology of all the films ever shown at Cavia. This chronology, which traces back to a screening of Tarkovski's Stalker on 11 November 1983, was a source of great inspiration, and it served as the starting point for this special festival, in which we will be re-reeling and re-wiring images from our past, as well as projecting new ones towards our future.

With this selection, we want to celebrate Cavia’s authenticity: its diversity, the dynamism of its program, and of course, filmmakers from The Netherlands and abroad who have inspired us and fuelled Cavia’s screen throughout the years with their cinematic dreams, tales, struggles, and astonishing world visions.

Besides film screenings in our beloved cinema, there will be exhibitions at the Tweede Nassau Ateliers and around the Staatsliedenbuurt, and an birthday party extravaganza in Zaal 100! MORE→

Donderdag 23 november, 20:00


Palms (Ладони) + performance by fake_trailers

Palms (Ладони)

Artur Aristakisyan | 1994 | RU, Moldova | 140' | EN subs


EN Artur Aristakisyan is an Armenian-Russian film director. This film is a result of video recording the life of the homeless people in Chisinau for five years in a row and sharing impressions in simultaneous speeches. The narrator tries to communicate with his unborn son and contemplates what it means to be human through the faces of people that he encounters.


Performance by fake_trailers

fake_trailers is a project created by Leonid Kotelnikov. His performances are all about amazing sound, going through postmodern sampledelics, broadcasting spiritual turmoil and incomprehensibility of the Real world. The songs are very relevant in the context of the war, the lyrical hero of these songs is in the atmosphere of permanent confusion, fear and pain.

Tickets: 3 euro
(Cineville not valid)

Vrijdag 24 november, 20:30


Kissable Screens: Ardente.x.s

Patrick Muroni | 2022 | CH | 96′ | EN subs


EN Ardente.x.s is a documentary portraying a collective of women and queer people who try to transform porn films into an ethical and feminist encouragement. This resonates deeply with what Kissable Screens, the monthly sex-positive program of Cavia, aims for; screening porn films that represent and promote sexual and bodily diversity. In the film a group of young women in their twenties embark, camera in hand, on making pornographic films in Lausanne, Switzerland. Between their jobs for some and their studies for others, they make every effort to produce ethical and dissident films. Very quickly, the media of the country, then the public, gain an interest in them. Under the eyes of all, they are immersed in a fight for another vision of desire and sexuality. 

The team of Kissable Screens watched this film together at the Brussels Porn Film Festival in May. Thank you BPFF for making a respectful, safe and sexy cinema with a great selection of porn.

Zaterdag 25 november, 20:30


The Wanted 18 + Q&A with local activists

Amer Shomali & Paul Cowan | 2014 | Canada, France, Palestina | 75’ | EN subs

In collaboration with ASEED


EN The wanted 18 is an award winning documentary by filmmakers Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan that tells the story of how 18 cows were declared a threat to Israel's national security during the first Intifada. Instead of following a narrative of sheer pain and struggle, the film also attends to the preservation of community spirit among the Palestinian residents amidst the enduring national crisis of land sovereingnty and provokes critical reflections on the more-than-human relationalities in the context of long-term social change and resistance.

We invite you to an evening where we come to learn about and appreciate the creative forms of resistance adopted by the Palestinian during the first Intifada in 1987. After the screening, we will have a discussion together with local activists in solidarity with Palestine who will talk about the repression and silencing they face. Collectively we further contemplate on new manners of approaching political resistance and social change. We will explore conceptually together the possibilities of activism, intervention and solidarity as residents of a first-world country.

Zondag 26 november, 20:00


Neo Kino A.D. presents: Body Blows

Martial arts movie screening – extreme edition



EN After entertaining audiences with cult movies of many genres at the Vondelbunker, Neo Kino A.D. arrives at Filmhuis Cavia with extreme prejudice! Join us on the 26 of November, as we'll show one of the most extreme beat 'em up movies ever made, a tale of violent retribution full of raw intensity that takes place in the seediest corners of urban society.

Tickets: 3 euro
(Cineville not valid)

Woensdag 29 november, 19:00



Intimate screening and reflection

Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell | 2019 | Ierland | 92’ | EN subs


NL Gaza (2019) legt de schoonheid, kleur, levendigheid en warmte vast die in Gaza te zien zijn. Het gaat voorbij het bereik van televisie-nieuwsverslagen om een beeld te schetsen van het leven onder de bezetting. De documentaire is geregisseerd door de Ierse filmmakers Garry Keane en Andrew McConnell en werd geselecteerd als Ierse inzending voor de Oscars’ Best International Feature Film 2019.

De vertoning wordt gevolgd door een reflectie op de film, waarbij ruimte wordt gemaakt voor de intense emoties die de film kan oproepen en manieren worden gevonden om verdriet en woede te kanaliseren in zinvolle actie, gefaciliteerd door Asiya van de Gaza Grief Support groep van de VU. Alle opbrengsten van het evenement gaan naar het Palestinian Counselling Centre.

EN Gaza (2019) captures the beauty, colour, vibrancy and warmth on display in Gaza. It goes beyond the reach of television news reports to reveal a portrayal of life under occupation. The documentary is directed by Irish filmmakers Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell, and was selected as Ireland’s entry for the 2019 Oscars’ Best International Feature Film.

The screening will be followed by a reflection on the film, holding space for the intense emotions the film may evoke and finding ways to channel grief and anger into meaningful action, facilitated by Asiya from the Gaza Grief Support group at the VU. All proceeds from the event will go to the Palestinian Counselling Centre.

Suggested donation: 10 euros
(5 euros minimum price)
Cineville card valid


NL Toegang 5 euro, tenzij anders vermeld. We accepteren ook de Cinevillepas.
Reserveren is niet mogelijk. Kaartjes kunnen vanaf een half uur voor aanvang aan de bar gekocht worden.
EN Entrance 5 euros, unless stated otherwise. We also accept the Cineville card.
It's not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar, half an hour before the film starts.