22 januari


An evening with Raisa Maudit

Een avond met films van Spaanse visuele kunstenaar Raisa Maudit. Haar werk gaat over de representatie van lust, constructies, tegenstellingen en verwachtingen. Vaak in de vorm van een vraag, een wijzende vinger of een klein opstandje. Raisa’s video’s zijn daden van omverwerping en non-acceptatie. Postanarchisme, transfeminisme, populaire cultuur, identiteit, het lichaam als een gereedschap en het occulte zijn sommige van haar terugkerende thema’s. De kunstenaar is bij de vertoning aanwezig voor een Q&A na afloop.

EN An evening with films by Spanish visual artist, Raisa Maudit. Her work draws on representations of desire,

constructions, contradictions and expectations. Often in the form of a question, a pointing finger or a small rebellion, Raisa's videos are acts of subversion and dissent. Postanarchism, transfeminism, popular culture, identity, the body as a tool and the occult are some of her recurring themes. The artist will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

Woensdag 22 januari, 20:30


Dissidences - An evening with Raisa Maudit

Una pequeña serenata fallida _ Think of him

Raisa Maudit | 9' | 2019 | EN subs

Between trance and the transliminal state of an orchestra conductor, the artist attempts to connect with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She silently directs two fragments of his Requiem, resulting in a sound landscape of heavy breathing and addressing a musical score which is never present. What happens with the right hand and the left hand? What happens in the right ear and the left ear? The sound, the sound!

Sangre Verdadera

Raisa Maudit | 13' | 2018 | EN subs

A short piece that explores the relation between transubstantiation and the vampiric literature of the 20th century. Transubstantiation is a theological doctrine framed within Catholicism in which it is believed that the bread and wine of the Eucharist becomes the actual body and the real blood of Christ after the priest's blessing.

He Aquí La Marcha de Las Cosas

Raisa Maudit | 16' | 2019 | EN subs

The film explores the house where King Carlos Alberto of Sardinia lived for three months and died in exile, sick and sad in 1849, after losing the war against his own son. The work travels through domestic spaces weaving and unweaving the fictional, the haunted, and the real.

FART Global Art Fair

Raisa Maudit | 13' | 2012 | EN subs

FART the most legendary Global Art Fair of all times was created in 1929 by Henry Ford (also famous for his cars). This Fair has been held since then, every ten years in a different country, bringing the chosen country to the cultural forefront and presenting the most important galleries and artists globally. The Fair donates seventy percent of its benefits to non-profit cultural associations. In this latest edition, the star artist is Raisa Maudit, who is interviewed exclusively from her studio, telling us about her FART experience, her vision of contemporary art, and her own career, telling a story of happiness and optimism, but also of injury and violation…

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Entrance 5 euros.
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It's not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar, half an hour before the film starts.