On the 6th of July at 19:00, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is coming over from the United States to talk and show Queer Feminist Punk Experimental Films. We're honored to have her over. She's coming with Wheeler Winston Dixon who will be showing his films at 21:00. Both Gwendolyn and Wheeler are part of the same program (€5).

Vrijdag 6 juli, 19:00


Gwendolyn Foster: Queer Feminist Punk Experimental Films

Foster works in the tradition of the Letterists, Guy Debord, the Situationists, and others who championed détournement - radically hijacking commercial images and refashioning them into subversive political films. As a bisexual eco-feminist, Foster is inspired by bisexual queer filmmakers such as Maya Deren, Barbara Hammer, and Derek Jarman. Foster combines a feminist punk aesthetic with Surrealist techniques of chance editing (automatism), evoking the ethereal and liminal spaces of Luis Buñuel and André Breton, plus the wild queer Dada poetry of Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven. Foster's films have been described as hypnotic, surreal, and enigmatic. She uses cinema to put the viewer into a trance-like state, a mind détournement, so to speak. She will present films such as The Prisoner, Desire Market, Delta of Venus as well as new, previously unscreened short films.

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster's experimental films have been screened at Outfest, Nederlands Filmmuseum, Rice Museum, Collective for Living Cinema, Swedish Cinemateket, National Museum of Women in the Arts, DC, Films de Femmes, Créteil, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Forum Yokohama, Anthology Film Archives, Museum of the Future, Berlin, BWA Katowice, Studio 44 Stockholm, and many venues around the world.

Toegang 5 euro, samen met Wheeler Winston Dixons vertoning. We accepteren ook de Cinevillepas.
Reserveren is niet mogelijk. Kaartjes kunnen vanaf een half uur voor aanvang aan de bar gekocht worden.

Entrance 5 euro, together with Wheeler Winston Dixon's screening. We also accept the Cineville card.

It's no longer possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar, half an hour before the film starts.